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Even with lawn care College Station you still need to service your property in the fall and winter months.

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What exactly does C&C Lawn and Irrigation do in the winter months as far as a lawn schedule?

We see this question come up a more than a few times when supplying estimates throughout the year. What do you guys do in the winter months as far as my lawn schedule goes? Service is still continued in the fall and winter, but on a lot less frequent schedule and here is why.


For clients that use our service just for mowing and nothing else, your probably going to have plenty of weeds to mow in the fall.

Without a good pre emergent and post emergent weed control package, you may see quite a number of weeds in the fall and winter months. Broad leaf weeds will appear if a pre emergent herbicide has not been applied early enough. For weeds that have already sprouted, they should be treated with a post control herbicide. So clients that use us for a mow only service will be glad to see us a couple times before Thanksgiving, a couple more before Christmas, and once in January and February. Mowing these unsightly weeds is not the ideal treatment to rid them, but it will at least present a manicured lawn for a short period until re growth.


Clients that use C&C Lawn as a full maintenance company will still need to see us in the fall for leaf and debris cleanup.

So you have us doing a weed program and the lawn doesn’t have much or any weeds to mow so why would we schedule mowing visits in the months of November, December, January and February? LEAVES. Leaves are easily removed at specific times of the year and we plan on this. Sometimes its not the same time every year, but our schedule is quite accurate with our weather patterns in Bryan and College Station. We know when to start looking for dropping leaves with our lawn care College Station.

Your mowing schedule coincides with the leaves falling in the fall. At the beginning of fall we will mulch a small amount of leaves. When they really start to drop we show up, blow all the nooks and crannys around your house and property and bag most of what was there when we arrived. Then we run over the yard again with mulch mowers to get rid of any remanence and this again provides a manicured lawn even in the winter.


Late in the winter Season after the last threat of a freeze we will start cutting the lawn slightly lower to promote your grass type to come out of dormancy.

This time varies year to year but usually towards the end of February we come one time this month and just use a cutting height low enough to groom the yard. As spring approaches in March we cut a little shorter over the next few visits and by the end of March we start climbing back up to a normal cutting height for your type of grass.

This will loosen up the thatch layer and allow your lawn to start coming to life easier. The more thatch we can get out of the way by slightly mowing lower get the grass “breathing” better and allows more sunlight to reach it. Especially if you have put out a rye grass for the winter, this needs to be knocked back late winter to allow the sun to reach your lawn type so it wont be coming in late in the year.


Its never a good idea to just stop lawn care in College Station or Bryan because winter is approaching.

C&C Lawn sticks to its proven schedules and for good reason. If we stop performing service in the fall and a client were to call us up to start back in the spring, the lawn is going to be a mess.

With no leaf or debris removal in that amount of time, thatch will be bad for sure, and the weeds may be overgrown if your not on a fertilizer weed program. Just remember C&C has performed lawn care in College Station Bryan for over 18 years and have built a tight schedule around it!

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