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Looking for a professional tree service in Bryan Texas?

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Blog

Looking for a professional tree service in Bryan Texas? C&C Lawn and Irrigation has you covered with complete tree care. From deep root fertilization, removal of trees or limbs, to stump grinding and planting of new trees big or small. Let us help you by explaining the basic planting concerns of installing a new tree to your landscape.


Location is an important issue to think about before planting your tree.

What nearby structures are going to be effected?

  • Foundations of houses are prone to tree roots running along side of them and under your house. This can cause major problems like foundation cracking. The same goes for sidewalks. Roots can really uplift an area of sidewalk if the tree is placed too close to these types of structures.
  • Having a tree planted too close to a pool can really throw a wrench, (or a root) in your summer plans. Damage to a pool from roots can be costly to repair. Cracked cement, cracked gunite, uplifting of areas are all bad for a pool. You have to remember its not just the top of the trees that can pose a problem around structures, it whats going on below ground level and what you don’t see that can really cause expensive damage as well.
  • Utility Lines that are overhead a tree canopy…. How many times have you seen a tree company working for the city going through and whacking trees back to a such unnatural state when they are located directly under power lines? You can’t blame the workers or the city for wanting us to have power free from obstructions. Some thought into tree placement near power lines that hang above could avoid a lot an un-necassary trim back of a good tree if we just look up before planting. Ask yourself how big will this tree get and how wide will it get before placing it near power lines.

Have you selected a good tree type for your landscape?

Make sure the type of tree you have selected is a good fit for where you are planning to install it.

  • What are the water requirements for this tree? Select an area that you will be able to get water to it easily in order to give the tree a chance to live. A newly planted tree should be watered in every other day for the first two weeks to prevent planting shock.
  • What are the sun and shade requirements? Putting a tree in a location where it does not get enough or it gets too much sun or shade will effect its growth rate. Nearby structures or existing trees can pose problems for the area in your yard you are considering. Before deciding on the area, clock the amount of sun or shade it gets throughout the day and this can help you in selecting the right variety.
  • Are you thinking about the on-going maintenance with your tree type? If it is a deciduous tree its going to lose its leaves in the fall. Are you prepared to deal with the cleanup? An evergreen may be better suited for a lower maintenance option. Although some evergreens can lose a decent amount of leaves once or twice a year.
  • Is the tree prone to insect and disease? Ask your local nursery of the variety’s they offer for a certain type of tree. You will find that a common name you refer to it by, they actually may be giving you a close candidate that will do better in our area. Most times you will find there is very little difference in the look, but certain types can be less or more prone to insect or disease.
  • Also take into account have fast a grower you wish to have. Most deciduous trees are the faster growers compared to every green trees.
  • Keep in mind as well how big a tree you wish to purchase and the time it will take to get to the size that is desirable.

Whenever you get ready to chose trees for your landscape, remember there are some concerns that could cause you some extra work if not thought out. You can always contact C&C Lawn to help with any planning planting, or pruning you may need help with. C&C Lawn has installed and cared for many trees in the Brazos Valley over the last 18 years and have been a good- go to- professional tree service for Bryan Texas.

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