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Should I be on weekly lawn service or bi weekly?

by | May 25, 2017 | Blog

This question comes up a lot when we are in the scheduling phase for a new client. Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding what schedule is best for your lawn.


Watering habits will play a big part in how often you need to cut your lawn.

Lets face it. If you don’t water your lawn, its not going to grow. Common sense right? If your giving your lawn just enough water to stay alive versus giving it what it needs to flourish, don’t expect to be mowing it every week in the growing season.

Its best to water your grass in deep cycles. You don’t want to irrigate to the point of runoff, but long enough for the lawn to get a good soak and take it all in. If you water and there’s water running down the street, over the curb, and a river flowing through the lawn, you need to cut back the watering time for sure.

So if you plan to water your turf during the growing season, chances are you need to be on a weekly service interval as its going to grow much faster than if you waited on the Texas weather to give your grass a drink.


Do you fertilize regularly throughout the year?

Supplying turf with the essential nutrients throughout the year will play a huge part on how often it needs to be mowed. With some of the common types of grass in our area being St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia; keeping them on a good fertilizer program will ensure good health, vigorous growth, and less stress in the Texas heat.

Applying correct amounts of nutrients for the type of turf is essential in a healthy lawn. Soil testing is the best method to obtain what your lawn lacks. The key nutrients for healthy turf are Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. When applying these essential elements at proper dosages the grass is going to grow more and look healthy. Therefore, if you fertilize correctly, we have seen most all of these properties within our client base  needing to be on a weekly service schedule.

If your not fertilizing regularly, it doesn’t necessarily mean go Bi-Weekly with the mowing. Now, you are going to see less growth if the soil lacks the key ingredients versus a lawn being supplied fertilizer correctly, and this may be enough to warrant a bi weekly schedule.

Servicing Bryan and College Station for 18 years and more, we have seen lawns that receive no fertilizer and weed control who need to be on a weekly schedule. This is due to weed growth, especially as the season starts in late March and early April. C&C Lawn and Irrigation is a full service maintenance company, but we still maintain properties where we do just a basic mow service and nothing else. And that’s OK with us, but the issue with most of these properties is we can mow the lawn….then 2 days later the weeds have already surpasses the height of the grass. Requiring more frequent service.


Consider average costs of landscaping maintenance when choosing a weekly or bi weekly plan.

Sometimes it just comes down to price when clients contemplate which service frequency is best for them. This isn’t of course the best outcome everytime for your landscape, but you have to be able to afford it right?

Bi-weekly service costs typically run 15-25% higher per service versus weekly maintenance. This is largely due to the excessive growth between the longer service time frame. Most times a bi weekly client will be UN-happy going the longer time and seeing more weeds until their service date, excessive growth charges which sometimes are assessed for the extra time spent removing clippings, and the UN-manicured appearance that occurs when there is a rain delay.


When it rains, it pours.

So we finally get some rain. It rains for 2 straight days. Then it has to dry out for a couple days at least. By this time a week has almost gone by and you were scheduled to be serviced on one of the rain days.

There is no magical formula here to know that your lawn on a bi weekly schedule has a chance to go on to 3 weeks before being serviced. There just aren’t enough daylight hours or ways not to cut a rut in a wet yard to avoid this sometime.

When you are on a weekly schedule outline with us and we get rained out. The odds are in your favor you will be serviced before the turf gets way out of hand. A lawn cut a week ago before rain is going to be tall, but manageable compared to a lawn that has already went 2 weeks only to get rained out and skipped until the following week. Time to break out the rakes and bags.

C&C Lawn and Irrigation will gladly take on a weekly client or a bi weekly client. We give the service frequency as the clients choice and will be happy to inform you of each schedules advantages or disadvantages for your particular scenario. In the end we want you to be around with us for a long time so we will do what it takes to make your lawn schedule be affordable while providing great results.

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