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Sprinkler System Installation In Bryan and College Station Texas

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Blog

Sprinkler System Installation has its advantages in Bryan and College Station Texas.

If your wondering if having an irrigation system installed on your property is worth it, here are a few advantages that you really should consider if your on the fence about the idea of having your very own automatic sprinkler system.


Having a sprinkler system installed is going to save you a LOT of time.

Just think about how much time you spend if you currently water your lawn and landscape without an automatic system. Your probably constantly moving around one or two sprinklers at the same time. Lugging the hose around each corner, watching the clock until you repeat the process of lugging around a hose and sprinkler AGAIN and AGAIN. I’m sure you would like to spend the time doing other things right? Like enjoying the landscape maybe…..?

With today’s technology the system is going to save you a ton of time. You set your controller and let the high quality components do all the work. From the easy to set digital controller to the high quality heads that spray each part of your yard. If you want to get a little more high tech they even yes…have an app for that. Being able to control your system from your mobile device is as easy as text messaging.

Smart controllers basically are a virtual weather man controlling the irrigation. They run off your areas weather data and can change settings for the current climate on the different zones of your system. This is another way this can save you a ton of time… is it just runs and adjusts itself as needed leaving you to do other things.


Your sprinkler system if installed correctly will have way better coverage than your current method of manual watering.

Should you chose to install a sprinkler system yourself or have a professional do this for you, you want to make sure it is designed with head to head coverage. This is the standard to make the watering process effective. Each head should spray to the next for complete coverage.

Having head to head coverage is going to water your lawn evenly. If a slight wind comes into play you will lose minimal watering coverage if this technique is designed and installed correctly. Its also going to reduce  how long you have to water to get the desired precipitation rate needed for your landscape or lawn. Moving around a single sprinkler is not efficient due to you will not get even enough coverage… especially for the amount of time you spend moving this sprinkler around, it not going to produce the best results.

If installing your own system please research or ask a professional to obtain this type of coverage or you will find all your hard work during installation isn’t exactly paying off. The contractor you decide to go with for those of us who wish to hire a professional, make sure they are a reputable and trustworthy contractor who can provide you with a liability insurance policy.


An automatic sprinkler system is going to actually save you water.

Again, with the latest technology these days, if it starts to rain while your system is running, a sensor will tell the controller to suspend the watering schedule. How many times have you drove by a property in the rain with sprinklers going full blast? Happens more often then not. Having this sensor in place is common sense on how it will save you water. Just shut the thing down automatically if it starts to rain… that’s what its going to do.

Your not going to have to remember if you left your water spigots on from a day of manual watering with hoses. This new sprinkler system will follow a watering schedule you set. No left on spigots, no high water bill, and no one area soaked and others not even touched by water in your lawn.

Sprinkler system installation Bryan/College Station has many advantages which hopefully with what I have pointed out will help you decide if an irrigation system is right for you. Saving time and saving water are two of the biggest advantages that you can be guaranteed to have more of with a properly designed irrigation system. Should you ever need repairing of an existing system or a free quote to install a new system, C&C Lawn and Irrigation is here to help.

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