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There are definitely benefits of lawn aeration in the Bryan and College Station Area.

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Blog

Having your lawn aerated just a couple times a year in our area can yield you some great results over time. At C&C Lawn and Irrigation we offer lawn aerations twice annually for our clients. For the low costs of only having to do this service twice a year, aerating is an easy and cost effective way to add great benefits to any lawn care program.


With clay soils in Bryan and College Station, aeration is an important service that will loosen and De-compact your lawn.

Using a core aerator to pull plugs throughout your lawn will De-compact clay soils over time. When a core aerator is used to pull plugs of soil, it creates a void which loosens the soil and makes a perfect cavity for top dressing, which will create a better soil profile.

Clay holds water.It will also not allow water to leach past it very well. This will cause soggy areas of turf that always seem to stay wet. Adjusting your irrigation to water in short increments multiple times throughout the day will reduce water accumulation and give it time to seep in to the soil. Proper irrigation management along with aeration are two ways to avoid a soggy lawn. Give C&C Lawn and Irrigation a call if you need help managing your irrigation settings or check to see if you have proper coverage.


Aerating just a couple of times a year will give you a thicker and healthier lawn.

C&C Lawn provides aerating services for lawns in Bryan and College Station 2 times a year to clients on our lawn aeration program. A fall service is performed while your lawn might be dormant on the top, but the roots are growing actively in the root zone. When you create a void with a core aerator, the roots will tend to move to this area giving off to better root growth. Better root growth now means a thicker, healthier turf come spring.

When cores are pulled in the lawn while performing a lawn aeration, this hole that you are left with allows for nutrients and water to get to the root zone easier and in more abundance. Oxygen also is able to work its way down much easier.


Aerating before fertilizing or overseeding is another benefit of aeration in the Bryan/College Station Area.

Just like with allowing more water, nutrients, and oxygen to get to the root zone, when you do a core aeration right before you fertilize or overseed, its going to allow that fertilizer or seed to get down to where it needs….easier…. to start working. What good is seed if its sitting on the turf canopy and not the soil level? Same with fertilizer. With a properly aerated lawn these two amendments get right into the hole where it can start working.


You need a quality machine to get good results.

A machine that is able to pull a 3 inch core is what is needed to obtain results. Aerators that are not able to penetrate the soil will just waste your time and can be difficult to operate.

Common types of aerator machines are a drum type, which are available to rent from a local dealer, or a cam driven tine system. A drum type requires weight distributed evenly to work the tines into the soil and can be difficult to maneuver. Cam driven tines stab the tines into the ground as you move across the lawn and are a little easier to operate in our opinion.

C&C Lawn actually uses a stand on machine that produces very good results. It’s able to pull cores better than any of the rentals we have used over the years. Aeration can be done by a homeowner with some hard work involved, or you can always give us a call to get this done right with a reasonable cost. You will find out that aerating lawns in the Bryan and College Station area should be a valuable part of your maintenance schedule.

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