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What is C&C Lawn and Irrigation’s billing procedure for local residents of Bryan and College Station Texas for lawn care services?

by | Dec 8, 2016 | Blog

What is C&C Lawn and Irrigation’s billing procedure for local residents of Bryan and College Station Texas for lawn care services?

You will find that at C&C Lawn we have a very painless and accurate way of billing our clients for lawn mowing, landscaping and irrigation services. Part of running a successful and trustworthy business is on point customer service with worry free accounting for the client.


We offer two basic types of billing options to our potential and existing clients that are a total choice for you to pick from.

Service Agreement 

  • Each time a service is performed you will receive an automatic invoice via email and your credit card will be charged the day after service.
  • This keeps you up to date on what services we have performed for you and what you have been charged for at any given time.
  • Your invoice amount from C&C Lawn will coincide with your credit card statement you receive each month so this is pretty much hassle free.

Contract Agreement

  • A client on contract billing CHOOSES to pay the same amount each month for a 12 month period. At the end of each month you are charged for the entire months services at a contract rate.
  • Clients who choose this option like paying a monthly fee for ease with budgeting.
  • They know that when utilizing this type of payment option, there is not a worry of having a month with a high charge due to an increase in services or having multiple services performed.

Either of our plans is 100% the choice of the client.

  •  You will not be pressured into one or the other. Most of our clients prefer to be billed after each service as explained above as it is the easiest to interpret (service agreement). We service you, we then charge you…..Simple right?

If you are wondering why would anybody pay the same amount even in the slow months of the season allow me to explain.

Contract is a very loose term with C&C Lawn. You are not tied to us for 12 months with no way out should you decide to leave for what ever reason. Its merely a way of calculating a monthly charge for clients who wish to have the security of paying the same each month.

Here’s  a quick example of how we get that monthly amount: We mow your grass weekly in the growing season and slack off in the winter months when grass grows less. Following our 35 cut a year for weekly mowing we take your mowing price of $40 per cut x’s 35 cuts a year. Divide that total for the whole year which is $1400.00 by 12 months. This gives you a monthly amount of $116.67.

No high bills when we are cutting you weekly when the grass is growing and no un expected charges when there happened to be an extra Monday during this month which was also your service date.

What both of these options have in common is they are automatically billed via credit card that you provide us at the time of accepting a proposal for service. Its logged onto our secure server where no information is stored on any device at our location. Your credit information is encrypted for security and for every time you are billed anything from your payment method, you receive an instant invoice via email. This will correspond to any credit card statement you have at any time. So you get a double record of what we do for you and how much it costs.

With the growth of Bryan and College Station Texas, everything is moving so fast you shouldn’t have to stop and remember if you mailed a check for lawn care services for which we hope will be C&C Lawn. Leave the paper work and accountability to us!

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