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Who can you trust for Sprinkler Repair College Station and surrounding areas?

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Blog

Who can you trust for Sprinkler Repair College Station and surrounding areas?

Let me tell you why it is important to hire the right sprinkler repair company and what you need to make sure your future contractor has in place to fully protect you the client.


The contractor you are prospecting for irrigation repairs first of all needs to be licensed by the TCEQ. Plain and simple.

Unlicensed individuals who perform repairs on a sprinkler system first of all are breaking the law. What other areas of this industry could they be deceiving potential clients? You can check on this very easily by visiting the website for the TCEQ and simply type in your contractors name or license number should he or she have one. Their database will show you if they are current with their on going training as well as the status of their license.

If a contractor is repairing sprinkler systems without proper training and licensing, you are at risk for having some pretty bad consequences if the system is not repaired correctly by a trained individual. Water contamination or cross connection of a backflow device can make neighbors in your area be at risk as well. Water contamination from a faulty repair could subject you to legal issues. And do you think the unlicensed, uninsured “contractor” will be available to take care of this for you? The answer of course is no.


Each licensed irrigator is required by law to have liability insurance before he can even step foot on your property.

Sprinkler system installation and repair insurance is not cheap. A lot of guys who have worked for a company in the past will go out on their own and while they may be able to replace a head or fix a leak,  what if they don’t have the required insurance to cover something when it goes real bad?

Water can cause major concerns for homeowners if it floods areas other than your lawn. Like your house. A two million dollar liability policy is a must for a contractor to carry to protect you the client. Request insurance certificates before hiring a sprinkler repair service. Their license number should also be visible on all invoices, bids, and vehicles. If you don’t see a license number on any of these areas, this is a red flag as they are required to do so.

If you find someone who is doing sprinkler repair College Station and they cannot provide you with insurance or a valid license to perform the work, you should really explore other options. In their so called “business” there will be other faults that again could and will put you in the hot seat should something go wrong.

If the contractor doesn’t or cant obtain sufficient licensing and insurance where else is he slacking? Is he paying his employees fairly to perform quality work? Are you going to be able to contact he or she when an issue arises? Have they knowingly provided a service less than par only to collect payment and never to be heard from again? I have seen it and come behind many of these situations many times. They have nothing to loose. A licensed and insured company does.

An ongoing relationship with a qualified sprinkler repair service  is the only way to go to insure you get what you pay for and you know its done right.

Get in touch with C&C Lawn and let our trained personnel show you we can deliver quality and peace of mind when installing or repairing sprinkler systems in College Station, Bryan, and surrounding areas.

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