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Why we are not the cheapest lawn care in town?

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Blog

Why do we charge higher lawn care prices than our competitors?

One thing we will never beat our competitors on is price. We are not the cheapest because we spend a large amount of money on customer service, quality, our team and equipment.
  • Anyone can say that in this business, but we use our online reputation as proof. C&C Lawn has the most online reviews in Bryan and College Station for lawn care.
  • We purposely over staff our offices to ensure quality customer service. If we do not answer the phone I can guarantee you will get a call back and in a timely manner. It does not happen often, but we may be on multiple lines assisting customers if you happen to catch our voicemail. DO NOT WORRY! I cannot tell you how many times people were just so glad that we actually called them back and other companies did not.
  • Our crews have top of the line, new equipment at all times to ensure we are using the highest quality and latest technology on your property to give you the best results.

Employees are key to our business and they do not come cheap.

  • Our staff is trained and we do not hire just anybody off the street.We spend a lot of money on our team and equipment to ensure the highest quality relationship from us to you.
  • Employees do not come cheap and we do not cut corners. We keep our team long-term and have been providing quality service for over 17 years.
  • All employees are screened and back ground checked extensively so provide peace of mind to our clients that we put a lot of time and effort towards our crews.
  • Plain and simple insurance is costly and always has been. We have a $2 million policy in place to protect our customers at all times. There are plenty of Joe Blows out there with lawnmowers charging ridiculously cheap prices and that is a big liability to the properties they visit.

At C&C Lawn and Irrigation you are going to find that our pricing matches our quality and customer service. We will do what it takes to keep you as a client long-term and to make sure that you’re satisfied after every visit from us.

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